007 Emailing Tools

Track your email. See when someone has read your email. Do you ever wish you could track an email? The process of tracking an email is relatively simple. You put an image on the email which is hosted on a computer server. Every Time that image is viewed by a recipient the email software requests it

Disposable Email address

How many times do you wish you had not typed your personal email address in to a website. Many assure us that they will not sell or share our email address with others only to find that we start to receive emails from unknown companies selling associated products. We live in a time when where

Talktalk Customers Beware

It’s December in a small village in the UK.  I start to receive calls from my customers about calls made to them from people pertaining to be from Talktalk customer services. The calls seem to take the same theme. First they confirm who they are by giving you details that only someone who knew you well