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How many times do you wish you had not typed your personal email address in to a website. Many assure us that they will not sell or share our email address with others only to find that we start to receive emails from unknown companies selling associated products. We live in a time when where it sometimes feels we are drowning in information and offers.

I am a big supporter in the idea of advertisers revenue paying for the services that we use daily at no charge to ourselves. Google is a great example of this, they make money by turning us in to a product in exchange for some fantastically useful tools.

How do we stop this abuse of trust? Trust is gained and I feel that when a company proves to me they are not going to bombard me with spam I will re register with them to receive these valuable offers. In the interim I will use one of the many providers of disposable email account providers initially . I can freely browse a website and receive the content I want in the knowledge that any other offer emails will not keep filling my inbox.

I have recently being experimenting with the plethora of disposable email providers, some I am sure do not have a healthy motive for their free service. Here is a round up of my favorite providers.


Mailinator.com is great for activating a one off email address. You cannot send from  this email address only receive. Don’t forget its content will be deleted in a few hours in the meantime anyone can read that email so ensure you don’t use it to send you passwords or personal details. It’s just one tool in your arsenal against spam.


10minutemail.com is very quick and convieient.

Ten minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it’s often more than enough to hand out your disposable email address to the masses. Ten Minute Mail isn’t swimming with features — it won’t even let you create your own custom address — but it instead revels in simplicity.

Once you arrive at the site’s homepage, it will provide you with an auto-generated email address that will expire after 10 minutes unless you opt for an additional 10 minutes using the short link below your given email address. Additionally, there are various inbox settings located at the bottom of the page for viewing messages and a link above your given email address for quickly copying the address to your clipboard. It’s riddled with ads and the interface certainly isn’t flashy.


Fakeinbox.com is spelling it out to the company you register with. It is full of adverts but as long as you navigate around them you should be able to use it. This service offers a 60 minute window to receive and reply to  emails within this timeframe.


Finally YopMail Has a google extension which is a bonus. It keeps emails for eight days allowing you to keep in communication for longer. You cannot however send emails from Yopmail but it is useful for sending confirmation emails to.

Disposable email has its uses when the world is wanting your email address. It enables you to reduce spam email and still engage with the internet. In addition to further uses listed below.

  • You want to signup for a store loyalty card, but would rather not get emails from the store advertising new products. Use a disposable email address, and you’ll never have to see those emails—and if the store gets hacked, your real email address won’t get stolen.
  • You want to write a fully anonymous email to the editor of a newspaper—with paper mail, you could do this by mailing a letter without a return address from a post office box, but a disposable email address is one of the few ways to do so today.

The above services are not the only services. Searching Google for Disposable email accounts will reveal a huge selection alternatives. Here are some more. Please be sensible when visiting other unknown websites as the Internet is full of Phishing sites that would love to grab your details.

Exhaustive list of providers offering temporary email addresses.

Have Fun.



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