Do you need to purchase IT equipment for yourself or your business?

  • Do you or your business require the services of a professional IT purchaser?
  • Do you have a fixed budget?
At IT Addicts we can provide professional IT procurement services. Purchasing IT equipment is fraught with dangers. Have I remembered everything? Have I ordered the correct specification? Does it come with the same vendor support? At IT Addicts we do not sell hardware or software. We are a consultancy that can provide you or your company with over 22 years of our IT specification and procurement  expertise.

How do we work differently?

We can attend site and create a full breakdown of your requirements right down to the printer cables. We can save you money by ensuring you buy the correct product(s) for your needs.


Armed with a fully detailed bespoke specification our IT Purchaser can get to work creating a balance between cost and service to ensure you have the best offer for your needs.

Why not enquire how much you can save by using our procurement services?


How Do We Charge?

Consultancy and specification are priced at the standard labour rate.

IT Purchasing services however work differently we ask you to get a competitive quote for any IT Supply or Services and then charge 12% of the savings we make based on your best prices. If we don't make savings you don't pay. How fair is that?