Keeping IT Support Costs Down

With inflation picking up once more the cost of living in this great land will continue to increase. Computer equipment however seems to deflate in real terms with higher and higher specifications for seemly unbelievable prices. The temptation to upgrade every three years is stronger then ever. In the trade we used to talk about the total cost of ownership of a computer, this included costs like repairs upgrades and software. Keeping the total cost of ownership down to a minimum seems to be more important than ever before. Saving valuable money to pay those more necessary electricity bills.

So how do you keep your IT support costs down. The local GP's have learnt that prevention is better than cure. What if your computer(s) could let the company you bought it from know when something was wrong? One day you receive a call from the store saying they needed to connect to your computer as the Hard drive had errors on it. When they check your computer they discover that the hard drive shows the typical pattern of failing hardware. They quickly despatch an engineer who transfers all you information to a new hard drive and removes the faulty one.


This type of scenario sounds like retail of the future, a type of preventive maintenance,a blood pressure test, cholesterol test and full body scan for your computer. Your right computers are almost throw away, let it go to a land fill somewhere. Out of sight out of mind. This way of thinking is becoming less common as we become aware of our environment and what we are individually doing to our grandkids planet. Its more than this. Its more about valuable family photos stored on your PC. Downloaded applications with no cd. documents and everything else in your virtual filing cabinet.


As with all production processes growth is based on reducing our company overheads. Removing unnecessary costs in labour and reducing raw material costs. This dictates that the computer you bought yesterday is generally more robust and over designed than the computer you buy tomorrow it is a simple economic fact that companies need to reduce costs and increase revenue. Phew glad that's over, I am not an economist but I see a lot of computer parts and they are definitely at there limit of design specifications. The duty cycle or life span is reduced to enable us to buy new every few years.


So preventing the inevitable so it does not interfere with our busy lives is where we are moving and the future is here now. If you are on holiday with your laptop and it overheats in the sun round the pool your PC can notify someone who in turn can deal with the problem before you even notice. Sounds good our customers are reaping the benefits.


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