Talktalk Customers Beware


It’s December in a small village in the UK.  I start to receive calls from my customers about calls made to them from people pertaining to be from Talktalk customer services. The calls seem to take the same theme. First they confirm who they are by giving you details that only someone who knew you well would be able to quote. Address,Date of birth etc. They say you either may have a problem with your PC or that they would like to pay you compensation for the recent breach of security.

It’s a very convincing story especially when you are called off guard. Some have asked the customer to call them back using the Talktalk customer support number only to discover that they never disconnected the line with you.

I have always been uncomfortable with companies calling me and saying they are from “Company a” and asking me personal details to confirm they are talking to the correct person. Should this not be the other way round? How can you reliably check the identity of someone who calls you from a supplier you use? Its very difficult especially as most companies use call centres based in India. If you are currently a customer of Talktalk expect a call from someone who has your personal details and wants to take your financial details to commit fraud.

Never Never let anyone who calls you unannounced, access to your computer, do not follow any instructions on visiting pages on the internet. If you feel you must then ensure you switch off your wireless router first. If at all in doubt replace the handset and call the company concerned first ensuring you have a dialling tone before you dial the number.

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Please spread this message, using the links below, to everyone you know as it is important to warn as many customers as possible.

Stay Safe.

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