IT Addicts
I have used Mark's services to sort out my IT issues having moved house. Mark is highly knowledgeable about many systems and I have yet to present an issue that Mark has been unable to resolve. He has also set up my house systems, for smart lights and linked ' the Echo Dot to play using Spotify all my music through my Sonos speakers.. Mark presents himself very professionally. He is totally 'unflappable' and calm in his approach to resolving the issue. Unlike many IT support service providers Mark has a good sense of humour and explains what he has done to sort the issues and encourages you to take notes to learn and build your own knowledge base to help you fix the issue should it reoccurr. Mark is honest, reliable, professional and very experienced in the IT services he provides. I would not hesitate to recommend him to you and he is certainly on my speed dial for 'Go To' if I have any IT issues. ( Verbal testimony available if required)