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Why small businesses need IT support

For many small businesses, it is all too easy to dismiss IT services as an unnecessary expense that will not pay off in the long term. This approach may work for a few months, particularly if the business is running relatively smoothly and there are a number of IT-savvy members of staff on your team. However, as soon as your first IT crisis occurs such as a server failure or an email system crash, you may find yourself in the midst of a serious crisis. Even if your crisis only lasts a few hours or days, you could end up losing a significant amount of money during this time and your company’s reputation could be damaged.

By investing in managed IT services, you can mitigate this risk and ensure that your IT system is fit for purpose at all times. If you need any more convincing, here are a few reasons why an increasing number of small businesses and start-ups are choosing to invest in fully managed IT service providers from the outset:

  • Managed IT support will help you stay productive

    Attempting to solve IT problems can cause real productivity issues within a business, particularly if none of your team members is particularly confident with computers. With a team of experts committed to ensuring your IT systems stay up and running, you can rest assured that productivity will stay high at all times.

  • IT support helps businesses stay competitive

    IT support professionals can help businesses stay competitive in a fast-changing digital world. Innovations such as cloud storage and VoIP phone systems can be confusing if you’re not an IT expert, so having a team of professionals on hand to keep your business ahead of competitors in technology terms can be hugely beneficial.

  • IT professionals help businesses stay secure

    Cybersecurity is a fundamental issue for businesses all around the world. This is particularly true for small businesses as hackers are all too aware that these companies tend to employ less robust protection against infiltration. Fortunately, IT managed services can help ensure that their clients’ security systems are up to date, potentially saving them from the ruinous effects of hacking.

  • Get in touch with IT Addicts today

    At IT Addicts, we offer small businesses affordable fixed-priced IT services in East Devon. For just a small monthly fee, we can provide unlimited IT support that will help you to grow your business into something great. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

Our Standard Service Level Includes..

Unlimited IT Help desk

We Provide your organisation with access to the leading edge technology support desk giving you and your staff a SLA driven response.

Technology Partners

As your technology partners we can identify opportunities to streamline business processes and make efficiency drives. With Regular meeting to discuss future business development.

24/7/365 Remediation

We Look after your IT around the clock ensuring all your systems are running at peak performance while identifying hardware failure before it presents itself as a problem.

Cloud Computing

The cloud will help your business be less dependant on large capital IT Investment. You and your staff can work wherever you have internet access.

Cyber Security

We ensure your infrastructure is secured using the best technology available within your budget. We configure and monitor your systems and log any external hacking attempts.

Backup & Data Recovery

Your valuable company files are backed up offsite at all times to ensure your data is available in any eventuality including data deleted in error or maliciously by disgruntled staff members or crypto malware infection.

Software Updates

All Computers are updated automatically allowing for urgent updates to be installed to ensure your IT is up to date at all times.

Vendor management

Our staff will deal with all your third party IT vendors such as internet service providers and specialist third party software. So you only have one point of contact for your IT Support.

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