Avoiding Spam

Spam is a ongoing issue for business but it does not have to be. Use temporary email services when surfing the internet Use business grade spam filtering on your company email accounts Block images by using a email client like Outlook as these act as web beacons to the sender letting them know when you

Outsource Your IT Support

  If you can find a good local IT supplier, you can build a strong relationship, allowing them to really understand your business and deliver the services you need. They can provide advice and identify ways to drive your business processes forward efficiently. Outsourcing your support and maintenance will allow you to focus on your

IT Security

IT SecurityThe data you hold is valuable and in a lot of cases personal. Protect your data by following my advice here. Secure your computer equipment Theft of computer equipment is very common. Ensure you secure the rooms you store it in. Encrypt all hard drives using well renown software encryption   Design your network

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are replacing traditional the old fashioned way of purchasing boxed software and a physical cd.  Cloud computing services are accessed over Your  internet connection Instead of installing software onto your computer, you sign in online. Most cloud services charge a monthly fee instead of a one-off cost. Fees are typically based on