5 Great Alternatives To Microsoft Office

I love Microsoft Office its a fantastic suite of software. It has completely revolutionised how we do business and create fantastic looking documents. My only gripe is the fact that this product has evolved into a subscription service. I agree with the fact that when we buy software we are purchasing the right to use the software within the terms of an agreement. I am tired of trying to keep up with the rapid advancements in software development. Software change is relentless. It makes sense that Microsoft join the other suppliers that drain a nominal sum out of our bank accounts in exchange for unlimited updates and support on their flagship product. I like the idea that we will never have to jump two or three versions into the future and feel completely overwhelmed by the changes and feel like we have taken a step back on Darwin s tree of life.

However, I feel that everyone is jumping on the proverbial bandwagon and changing the way they charge us for products and services. I can’t help to feel that the hope is that we won’t question a few pounds a month leaving our accounts but as most companies have introduced this gentle approach of charging we commit to more of these small amounts. Anti-virus software, gas, electricity, rates, telephone, broadband the list seems endless.

Well, hopefully, I can bring to the table a few free and very capable alternatives. Watch my video for a full rundown.


If you would like to download any of the above-mentioned titles I have included the links below.

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