We are I.T. Addicts

Specialist I.T. Support and Managed Services.

Who We Are

 IT Addicts is the trading name of Devon IT Ltd.  Founded by Mark Howarth In 1995 he opened a combined Computer store with service department and since then has continued his quest to provide premium IT support to local businesses while identifying the need to not talk tech. The strapline "Computer advice with a human voice" became very popular locally. Today Mark and his team provide support to Small Business to help them succeed in a highly competitive market implementing technology to drive efficiencies. Our services are protected by £5m Professional indemnity insurance.

Our Office hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5.30pm

How We Work

1 Implementing advanced technology solutions allows us to monitor your IT infrastructure remotely enabling us to react quickly and correct any issues found in most cases before anyone notices there was a problem.

2 Once a problem has been discovered a ticket is raised allowing management to look at what issues are complete and what issues are in progress. Monthly reporting allows a more detailed insight in to our work.

3 As we begin to understand your systems and procedures we can start to look at making recommendations to drive efficiencies within your business and we discuss our recommendations at our next meeting.

Our Core Values

We Progress Our Education

Continued professional development and advanced technical training is part of the monthly routine at IT Addicts. The value of such training is always apparent in the speed and efficiency of our solutions.

We Pursue Excellence

At IT Addicts we have invested in professional services automation to allow us to progress all client issues from inception to satisfaction. This allows us to identify areas where we can improve our services and exceed our SLA deadlines.

We Practice Honesty

Relationships are built on trust both ways. To enable us to become a true partner we pride ourselves in our no nonsense honest approach.

We Drive Efficiency

Apart from allowing your staff to focus on the business we also look at your procedures and systems to better understand your business model. In time we can begin making recommendations on how to cut costs and use technology to make those savings.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

Initial onboarding allows us to examine your exsisting infrastructure. This includes communication with previous Support providers and third party vendors to ensure continuity of information. Securely storing administrator passwords and details of the configuration.  

Bi-Annual Check-Ins

We all have busy work lives, its very important to make the effort to check-in to ensure your expectations are being met and to see if we can drive more efficiencies in your company.

Ongoing Discovery

The Benefits  of a long term relationship with a IT consultant is the ability to familiarise ourselves with your business processes and this allows us to deliver a much more comprehensive service. While learning the idiosyncrasies of a system we can provide stategic long term planning .