Anti Virus Software

I am always amazed by the selection of antivirus products available, all of them claiming to provide full protectionAntivirus Pay Vs Free image. The antivirus market is extremely competitive and is evolving all the time. I do however wonder if all these claims were true, would there be any need for more than one product? I however do not follow the belief that you get what you pay for as it seems that the major players in this market, or should I say the players with the biggest marketing budgets and offers, seem to win hands down. As a computer technician I am not swayed by the marketing and promotions, I simply want to find a product that catches the most threats and the least false positives ( your own files that it misinterprets as an infection) . Over the years, I have tested dozens of products and I simply install each product on a completely infected test PC. The one that catches the most infections and removes them wins. Simples.

In summary, two products seem to pass this test each time and both have a free offering and a paid for enhanced version. Avast Free 2015 has been my favorite as it has a browser cleaner to rid us of the nasty add-ons that are so prevalent at the moment. ESET Online scanner is another great product also but it is used as a second opinion to your installed product as this works online as does not give continued protection when using your computer daily. I am sure the products I prefer today will not be the best products in the future. That is the benefit of competition.

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