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DIY Laptop Service

  Do you own a laptop? If so at some time in the future you WILL need to clean your laptop’s internals to allow it to breathe. The inherent problem with laptops is that their small footprint can actually become the cause of the technologies greatest enemy “Heat”. Laptop designs are changing continually. With technological

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How Secure Is My Password?

Do you repeat the same password with many online services just to ensure that you preserve the convenience of these services? You’re not alone. We are not designed to remember complex passwords for each and every site we register with. I also wonder how many sites you have registered with and completely forgotten about. We

Speeding up an old computer

We all have them, a garage or loft full of obsolete computer parts. Computers like mobile phones have a lot of personal files and private documents stored on them. We feel loathed at the idea disposing of the old computer that served you so well for a number of years. Technological obsolescence is a scourge

antivirus software

Anti Virus Software

I am always amazed by the selection of antivirus products available, all of them claiming to provide full protection. The antivirus market is extremely competitive and is evolving all the time. I do however wonder if all these claims were true, would there be any need for more than one product? I however do not

Blue Screen anyone?

Blue Screens of death or (BSOD) is commonly found when a computer has either installed a new device driver that does not work reliably or when hardware has failed. What is a device driver I here you ask? Well, this is a piece of software that operates a hardware device in your computer system. For

Adverts & pop ups

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Adverts for products related to items you have browsed for in the past? When you search for something you find yourself on a completely unrelated web page. Well, you are not alone a common call at the moment is for add-ons and plugins that are downloaded