Blue Screen anyone?

Blue Screen Of death

Blue Screens of death or (BSOD) is commonly found when a computer has either installed a new device driver that does not work reliably or when hardware has failed.

What is a device driver I here you ask? Well, this is a piece of software that operates a hardware device in your computer system. For example we have a printer, this is a device that needs instructions on how to work and what to put on the page. It also needs to provide you with information on when the cartridges need replacing, yes. Well to do this someone wrote a device driver that tells the printer how to communicate with our computer and provide great printing. Your computer has lots of devices inside the case and they all need instruction separately. Problems arise when it gets an infection that causes the device driver to become unstable. The best test is to start the computer in safe mode and see if the BSOD disappears. If not then it could point to a genuine hardware issue like areas of damage on the hard drive or faulty memory. If your computer blue screens in both normal start up and in safe mode then I suggest you get the computer looked at by a professional.

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