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Top Browser imageI see so many computers in my job and it continually surprises me how many people still use Internet Explorer to view the Internet. Well, after all, it is built into the operating system. The problem is, I also see that it seems to be affected by rogue applications and instability. For example, most people who cannot access the Internet cannot access it because they only use Internet Explorer.
It was only the other day when, I was providing support to a company who used a Microsoft cloud product that needed to use Internet explorer to use certain features that I encountered a problem. Certain features failed to perform at all and when we opened the cloud product in an alternative browser it performed well. This was also confirmed by the Microsoft support agent who said he mainly used a different browser. No comfort there then!

Well, it just so happens that there are a few browser choices to choose from. What are the differences and what would make you choose one over the other. To list a few:- Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, opera, etc…
To answer the question of what you should choose, I will quickly summarise the main differences.

If you have used a certain browser in a working environment then it will simply be familiarity that drives you to continue to use it. Google chrome is a very popular browser owned and developed by the largest search engine in the world. Benefits include speed of browsing, additional security and that it knows about most of the content on the Internet through its Google search product. It is my favourite as it integrates very smoothly with all of Googles vast portfolio of tools. The downside is that you are more likely to provide Google with plenty of information on your browsing habits and interests in exchange for free use of their tools.
My second favourite is Mozilla Firefox, this browser is an open source browser which in simple terms means, anyone can submit changes to the browser. For simplicity’s sake, I call it the people’s browser. It has a much smaller chance of trying to benefit commercially by using your browsing habits to sell information. It also has a great library of add-ons that allow you to change certain features and personalise it. It is the preferred browser of web designers and more technical users due to the various add-ons.

Moving on to the less known browsers, safari is used on most apple products and so, if you use an iPad or Mac you may also like to stick with their browser on the windows platform.

My advice is to download a few of these browsers and have a play and experiment with them. If you like the look you may choose to keep it. I have all the browsers installed on my computer as I have to support all of them. It has no detrimental effect on your computer. In actual fact, I would encourage you to have at least one more browser installed in addition to Internet explorer just in case.

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