Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are replacing traditional the old fashioned way of purchasing boxed software and a physical cd. 

Cloud computing services are accessed over Your  internet connection

  • Instead of installing software onto your computer, you sign in online.
  • Most cloud services charge a monthly fee instead of a one-off cost. Fees are typically based on the level of service and number of users you have.
  • They are cheaper upfront, but overall costs often work out similar to traditional software.

Cloud services tend to be very flexible

  • Unlike traditional software, cloud services aren't tied to a single computer so you can access them from any computer or device.
  • You can generally increase or decrease capacity instantly. For instance, if a new employee joins.

Cloud services store your data on servers operated by the cloud provider

  • It's important you can trust the provider to take good care of your data.
  • Make sure any potential cloud provider is well-established and a history in the industry.
  • Most providers will publish where there data centres reside to ensure you comply with regional data laws.

You need an internet connection to access cloud services

  • Check that any cloud provider offers a guaranteed level of uptime.
  • Many cloud services are only dealing with small files. If you need to upload and download media ensure you have a internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to cope with the amount of data been transferred and the number of users. 

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