Free Upgrade to Windows 10

Do You currently run Windows 7 or windows 8.1? If so you will be eligible to a free upgrade to the new Operating System Windows 10. Check your toolbar for a white windows icon near the right-hand side to pre-register your Interest. This may be of more interest to users of Windows 8.1 as most Windows 7 users seem very happy with their Operating System.

Windows 10 Release date has been confirmed as July the 29th 2015. This is a long awaited upgrade to reintroduce the features we loved before upgrading to Windows 8.1. In addition, it will add additional features including Cortana Microsoft’s flagship personal assistant.

Most articles concentrate on what Microsoft will be adding to the new upgraded Operating system. Below I will also explain what you may lose.

Firstly Windows 10 Home users will lose the ability to control what and when Windows updates are installed. Windows Media player will also be disappearing as well as the card game hearts and Windows 7 Desktop gadgets.

If you do not use these features on a daily basis then you probably won’t miss them.

On the other hand with the addition of Windows Hello and Passport , Microsoft’s new facial, iris, fingerprint, security you will be able to almost forget your passwords and allow your computer to identify you on biometrics alone. (Compatible Hardware required).

To read more about Windows 10 click here.

To watch a video about Windows Hello watch the video below.

The new Operating system sounds very exciting and some say it will be the final operating system sold as it will upgrade itself over time. This would be a great relief to many as moving to another operating is quite a stressful procedure. Before you decide whether to install the new upgrade you may want to consider the fact that this operating system is being offered free of charge for the first year and after that you will be charged to upgrade. If you would like to be reassured that they have ironed all the issues out then leave it for a few months to allow Microsoft to introduce the updates required for any reported issues. This speaking from experience is the way Microsoft seem to work or have done in the past.

When you choose to go ahead with the upgrade then I would highly recommend going to backup your files using windows backup which can be found in the control panel, that way if you have a small glitch you will feel happy that you have all your files safely stored away. As usual any problems don’t hesitate to contact me for advice and help.

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