Great Online Training Free.

Do you wish you understood Word, Excel, Photoshop or any other application better? Are you short of time to enroll on a course?

An American company called supply a wide range of beginners, Intermediate, Advanced training courses in an incredibly easy layout. They can all be accessed for a small fee. I find that a lot of individuals I know give the courses a thumbs up as they can be taken at your own pace and you can watch the videos and read the transcript from your smartphone, Tablet or PC. If you would like to take a look at how comprehensive and convenient these training courses take a look here. I can highly recommend this company as an alternative training provider for the home user that wants to expand their knowledge of a certain program, or a business user that needs to train its staff. are currently offering a free 10 day trial which should allow you to brush up on most skills for free.

Below is a short video from to help you avoid Phishing emails, I am sure everyone could benefit from watching this. Enjoy.

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