How Secure Is My Password?

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Do you repeat the same password with many online services just to ensure that you preserve the convenience of these services? You’re not alone. We are not designed to remember complex passwords for each and every site we register with. I also wonder how many sites you have registered with and completely forgotten about. We leave a digital fingerprint on these sites by visiting them and registering with them in the small hope that they will solve a problem or help with some laborious task.

We keep hearing how important it is to ensure each password is complex and hard to guess. We forget that computers are becoming more powerful and that passwords of yesteryear take a modern home computer only a few hours to crack. No wonder we hear so often about Twitter accounts getting hacked and celebrities iCloud accounts allowing the world to see personal photographs that get lost in cyberspace.

Checking the way you create passwords is one thing. Creating passwords that are secure and memorable is another. If you have a great way of creating passwords why not see how long it will take a computer to guess it by checking it here . Once you have surprised yourself at how easy it is to guess your password you may want to practice creating more secure passwords for your sensitive online services. Not forgetting that even when you turn off your computer and retire to bed your online services are continually being bombarded with requests to access your private domain. The following site is provided by Microsoft and allows you to practice and test your passwords for complexity.

So where does all this leave you? More perplexed and concerned with your online presence than ever before? I completely empathise, as until the powers that control the Internet set new standards for confirming identity we are stuck using a plethora of different passwords and confining them to a little book somewhere.”

Is there an alternative? Well, I use a password management program which I will say is not a cure all. It simply reduces my exposure to insecure passwords by creating almost random complete passwords for me and saving them in a database on my device. You may say that all my passwords are simply protected by one master password? Well, you would be partly correct but that is ONE very long secure password to remember. It does not finish there, you also can create a key file that is stored in a hidden location on your device that means that you have to know the password and have the secret file present on your device before you can access the database. There are many other much more convenient online cloud management services out there that are so much more convenient to use but potentially feel less safe and more exposed.

The standalone product most used is keypass it is free and open source. The downfall of a standalone program is that you have to share the database on cloud storage to enable you to use the same list of passwords on your other devices.

Online password management services on the other hand remove the complexity of sharing a secure database file across multiple devices. To enable this functionality they usually require a subscription with a third party which you can judge for yourself how secure your passwords will be Lastpass, Dashlane and 1password are the main three in order of popularity.

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