Is Anonymity Finally Here?

The controversial debate about online anonymity and censorship is raging. With our own Prime Minister adding to the debate with talk about making encryption illegal. This has made the computing world and many e commerce companies shake with trepidation.

1984 Book Covers

Supporter or not, this type of talk has a faint odour of George Orwells 1984 Novel where our every utterance is recorded and kept in huge data banks. As with all this type of talk, it provides ammunition to the innovators of the world to free the man on the street from the shackles of government by providing a solution to our dictatorial fears. Imagine the world that had selected high profile countries that could not use encryption to protect their work? This theory would only work if the whole world would enforce it which would be impractical and dangerous. It feels like we may be slipping backwards on the evolutionary branch?

Agreed we need a safer world free from terrorism but many are not convinced that allowing the monitoring of everyday conversations will help. Instead, it may drive the criminals of this world further underground just using the Internet as a conduit for their propaganda. After all, you can’t criminalise criminals. In addition, there will always be groups of freethinkers who feel that to censor the Internet is just one step too far.

So where is this leading? Let me explain, An It Expert August Germar advertised on Kickstarter for crowd funding to bring a small box that will connect to your broadband router and anonymise all traffic going through your router by sending via the TOR Network, an end to end encrypted connection underground network. Recently the project has been caught in even more controversy as you can read here in Wired.

It seems that Germar has pulled through as support for the product showed that there was an unprecedented demand for the product and it can now be purchased online and direct from the manufacturer.

My own view is that the Internet has empowered the common man. The Internet is controlled by the masses, not by governments. It seems that the governments of the world have created a backlash that will be hard to control and this product is the tip of the iceberg. Sleep Tight.

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