IT Security

IT Security

The data you hold is valuable and in a lot of cases personal. Protect your data by following my advice here.

Secure your computer equipment

  • Theft of computer equipment is very common. Ensure you secure the rooms you store it in.
  • Encrypt all hard drives using well renown software encryption


Design your network with security in mind

  • Keep password long and complex.
  • Use a password manager like LastPass.
  • Use a domain to ensure access to files is restricted to certain people.
  • Ensure the gateway (router) to the Internet is sufficiently protected with a hardware firewall.
  • Ensure all data is transferred over the internet using encryption like SSL.


Security software packages are not the same

  • Reputation is not everything. Most vendors come in two categories, Popular and Good. Ensure you are not choosing a security product because it is high in the software charts due to the fact it ships free with every device.
  • Check with seasoned professionals as one product may have been good yesterday but not today.

Backup, Backup,Backup

  • Set and forget is a fallacy.
  • Store two copies of your data locally on different unconnected devices.
  • Create a offsite backup using the cloud.

Train your staff

  • Ensure you have security procedures in place and train your staff.
  • Test them and have them sign a contract to stick to them.

Ensure you have a procedure in place for data loss

  • Think of it as the fire evacuation procedure for your data.

Mobile devices should be protected

  • Make sure employees secure there phones and devices with passcodes or finger prints.
  • Install security software on all android devices.
  • Setup Mobile device management on all mobile devices so that they can be wiped or tracked in case of loss.
  • Encrypt all data stored on mobile devices.


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