Multiple email accounts?

Do you have more than one email account that you log into using webmail? Many find the fact that you have to open another browser window and then navigate to your email hosts web page numerous times to check various email accounts tiresome.

By downloading windows live mail which is the more up to date version of outlook express which some of you may remember. If you prefer to stay away from Microsoft products then you can also use mozillas thunderbird email software. Both of these packages give you an email client package which will keep all your email accounts in one place. You can also leave this applications running on your desktop and receive notifications when new emails arrive. Other benefits include a centralised calendar and address book that can be used across all email accounts. So if you have a personal email account and a work email account you can check them both using these free downloads.

When you download your email software it comes as a blank canvas. You will firstly need to add your email accounts manually by selecting the option to create an email account. This is different in both packages a lot of email providers are semi-automated once you run the wizard and enter your name email address the provider and your username and password for your email accounts. Enter these details and the software will send a crest email to check your settings. If your email provider is not supported in the automatic configuration then you will have to enter the incoming and outgoing server addresses as well. These can be found by looking in your email providers email help section. It all seems like a little bit too much like hard work at the moment but stay with it and when you have set up your accounts you will love the new standardised look.

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