Secure your profile

Can we reduce our exposure to viruses and Malware infection when using our computers? You can make a very simple change to your computer and remove the full access your profile has.

Most home users have set up their computers with a single administrator user account (profile). The problem is that this profile has no restrictions on what changes can be made to the computer’s system files etc. We can install software, make changes to security settings, disable functions all which are very convenient for us the everyday user and for any undesirable programs also.

We really should make a compromise between convenience and security by removing some of those administrator permissions to provide a better level of security. We can do this quite easily by creating another user with administrator rights and lower the rights of our main everyday profile to a standard user.

This means that when we sign in to our computer using our main profile we have limited functionality. When we want to install new software or make system changes we are presented with a second layer of security. We would be presented with a box asking for administrator permission and a password to continue. This password does not have to be complicated, on the contrary, it can be very simple as it is just there to allow you to make a decision on whether to allow the changes. This way you control what changes are made without your permission. Of course this is not infallible it relies on us making educated decisions on what needs to change and what does not. If a virus is trying to make changes to your computer and you are not aware until you receive a notification box asking for administrator permission to make changes, do you assume it is an innocent change and provide your permission by entering the password or do you hesitate and ask yourself if you were doing anything on the computer prior to this notification message? Well most users are not aware what changes are safe and which are not. This is where the problem lies. It does not mean you will not get infected with malware or viruses it just reduces the chance further and gives you an opportunity to question its intentions.

If you would like to find out more about this extra layer of protection and taking advantage of it on windows 8 then please watch my video below. If you are not running windows 8 then the same rules apply but you need to go to the control panel and add your users there.


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