Disposable Email address

How many times do you wish you had not typed your personal email address in to a website. Many assure us that they will not sell or share our email address with others only to find that we start to receive emails from unknown companies selling associated products. We live in a time when where

Secure your profile

Can we reduce our exposure to viruses and Malware infection when using our computers? You can make a very simple change to your computer and remove the full access your profile has. Most home users have set up their computers with a single administrator user account (profile). The problem is that this profile has no

Secure Password Image

How Secure Is My Password?

Do you repeat the same password with many online services just to ensure that you preserve the convenience of these services? You’re not alone. We are not designed to remember complex passwords for each and every site we register with. I also wonder how many sites you have registered with and completely forgotten about. We